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Writing Rambles #4

I love elves.

I love elves so much.

I love writing them, reading and researching about them. I mean, it’s even in my URL. I’ve read so many books about elves that you would think writing about them would be easy. But it’s not. It’s not at all. I’ve started focusing on my world and using short stories that spans several eras. (They’re currently eight eras in my world) and it’s helped me keep a center focus on what I want to achieve. In my mind, it helps establish rules.

But here’s the tough part about this. What is the line between elves or humans? Is there one? I don’t like to think of elves as humans, but they do have their characteristics. I believe regardless of the race of the fantasy character, they all want the same things. Their motives and experiences are different, but just like any other human, we all want love, acceptance, and shelter.

I feel as if sometimes writers focus so much on making elves so different from humans they become far from relatable. What if the differences are in the heads of these elves? Yes, they have more of respect for nature, are prone to be passionate about love and being elven. But they still get angry, they still want revenge, they still hurt. They hide behind this disposition of smugness and superiority, but they’re just like humans. Only they breed much slower, pointed ears, are capable of magic and live longer. I feel as if my elves believe they are superior, but they’re not. They don’t want to admit humans and elves are a lot alike emotionally.

I’m frustrated and I’m letting off some steam before I head back into writing again.


2 thoughts on “Writing Rambles #4

    1. True. I’m a bit biased because I love elves. So it takes a lot for me to get annoyed with it. But there has been a few times where I had to put the book down because it was getting predictable and lame. I like stories that deconstruct the normal tropes we’ve become accustomed to anyway. That’s why I’m a picky reader.


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