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Claimed by the Orc Queen Review

In case you don’t know, I love reading fantasy.

I know right? Shocker.

Especially when it has something to do with elves. And after scrolling through my Kindle with a cup of coffee in hand and erotica on my mind, I can find a whole collection of stories with and about elves. My favorite being, elven erotica. But there’s something I haven’t read a great deal of, orc erotica. So, when I read the title, I became instantly intrigued. I’ve never read anything about orcs excluding the occasional Elder Scrolls fanfiction and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So, admittedly, I was excited.

To me, orcs have always been these brutish, ugly creatures who were twisted by magic, and all they knew was war and violence. So, to see the opposite was an experience to say the least. So, I decided to read Claimed by the Orc Queen by Carrie Wilde after a few moments of thought. After all, how bad could it be? It was only $2.99 and forty pages to read and it did indeed peek my interest. How often does one come across a lesbian orc and elf erotica?

This sexy thing is the closest I came to how cute orcs could be.
To summarize without giving away too many spoilers; Nysia is an elf who takes a jewel from the orcs in an attempt to leave her village, but ends up getting captured by the orc queen, Sabi. Sabi takes a liking to Nysia and takes the elf as her sex slave.

First of all, I love the personality of Sabi. Nysia was okay as far as a protagonist goes. But Sabi stole the show. She was dominating, sexy, and had a big personality. I wanted to see more from her. The writing was well done and engaging. A big pet peeve of mine in erotica is the lack of build up towards the actual sex. Sex is nice, but what truly captivates me is the sensuality between the two individuals. It doesn’t have to be romance, but sensuality is what differentiates erotica from straightforward porn.

It could’ve been better if it was a novella or a novel. The middle of the short story was rushed and spent more time telling what Nysia felt and went through amongst the orcs rather than showing me certain examples. I would have liked to see more of Nysia’s “duties” to Sabi.

How I pictured Sabi. (c)
It’s a disadvantage with short stories, as there’s only so much material that can be crammed into the novel without going on too long or being too short for the price asked. Speaking of rushing, I was disappointed that the build up was lovely, but the sex was rushed and short. I expected much more detail than I was given.

Despite all of this, I didn’t find it unenjoyable. In fact, I would recommend it. It’s a short read, engaging, inexpensive for the most part. And there’s some sincere feelings between the two women, but doesn’t drift too close to romanticized. I look forward to reading more about the tales of Sabi, if there are any in the future.

I would give it four orc jewels out of five. 


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